Tobago – Sea, Sun & Sky

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One of the best things about being in Tobago is that no matter where you are, you are close to the sea. I was privileged to be staying right on the coast so I didn’t have to go far to see spectacular sunsets and various planes coming in for landing. I was also privileged to be visited by the hotel’s resident cat who inspected my room and seemingly found it in satisfactory condition.


Our new blog!

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My sister and I have come to the inevitable conclusion that we are in fact, sharing the same brain. Thusly, we have decided to open a brand new blog called gyulDOTpus or gyul.pus

The idea of this blog is to exhibit our psychotic behaviour. The posts are actually not the important or entertaining portion of the blog at all. The true gem of this blog lies in the comments. It is something of a split personality (Don’t tell me that I told you) show where we comment as stalkers to each other. Thus the name of the URL,

If you would like to find out about where we got the other oddity which is the name gyul.pus, please visit us and enjoy!

Frooples & Froopert

This internet is driving me INSANE!!!

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Since before the holidays I have been trying incessantly to upload pictures. IMPOSSIBLE! I can’t upload to Flickr, I can’t upload to Blogger. Page Load Error… Every time I see that line, another blood vessel swells up in my head. I’m so sorry to all my loyal readers, commenters, haters, everyone. 😦 It seems that I have been defeated by the Page Load Error, whatever it may be.

Oh! yet another one to add to my seriously declining level of patience… “Could not contact Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying…”, are you really retrying? Or are you just patronizing me?

I doubt it’s the fault of the sites so I won’t even bother trying WordPress.

Anyhow, how was your holidays? Mine was uneventful. Well, Boxing Day my uncle had a GREAT party at his home which was filled with many alcoholic beverages to tickle any fancy and enough food to make you sick. I ate enough food to make me sick. The next day, the party-goers retreated to my home where everyone was extremely tired so we all just sat around stuffing our faces some more. Some of the brave ones even drank some more.

Then it was a couple days of recuperation followed by Old Year’s Night which is what we call New Year’s Eve… Make sense right? I went to my best friend’s home where I unsuccessfully tried to eat Barbequed Lamb… Of course since my wisdom teeth surgery I have not been able to open my mouth very big or chew to my satisfaction. Therefore, I have been forced many a time to swallow my food whole like Mimi.

Our Parrot is an idiot.

After leaving my best friend’s home at almost 23:00 I went to my boyfriend’s so I could get my new year’s kiss which I am still waiting for. I think I may have gotten it on my arm but I’m not too sure. I must say, his fireworks show was quite something… But guess whose camera battery died after the FIRST photo? I keep telling myself I love my camera but it’s starting to misbehave.

Totally unrelated news- I chopped off my hair. My hair used to be almost up to my waist- It’s the first time I’ve ever had such long hair and I’ve been trying to leave it to grow for about 5 years. Usually, I go crazy and chop it all off. I did it again. I’m surprised that it took so long for the crazy to kick in. It’s just slightly past my shoulders now.

I thank you very much for listening to my querulous ramblings and promise that soon I will have more interesting content with pictures instead of strangeness that came out of my head.

A walk around Mum’s Garden/More Unusual Fruits of Trinidad & Tobago

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My mother is obsessed with plants. I think unhealthily obsessed would not be an exaggeration. She used to water her plants twice a day, morning and night. This one time, (and probably more times that I don’t know about) two of our neighbours were walking on the street going to work in the morning and saw Mum watering her plants. When they were returning from work that day, guess who was STILL in the yard watering plants!

Of course, it only looked like she was in the yard all day… I think. Please take a look of what is in her garden and let me know if you think it was worth it.

This is the view from the back of the house- That’s the tops of bamboo that is on the bank of the river behind the house… I actually thought the sky was nice and dark and that’s why I took this picture. This technically is not part of Mum’s garden.

Isn’t this just the cutest flower? I LOVE these! I actually took some of them and stuck them on my wall.

The following is a collection of Bougainvillea in Mum’s Garden.

This one is called “Buttercup” although I’m not sure if this is the correct name for it…
Ahhh… The Ixora… Not my favourite flower… Actually, I don’t really like this one at all. Im sorry, I think it’s not that great looking. This is a shot before they open though.

And this is after it opens. The reason I am not fond of this flower is due to it’s ridiculous popularity. Even people who don’t have a garden, who don’t like flowers, who only have bush in their yard, have at least one of these plants. Although Mum has her’s in great condition and it looks a lot better than the scraggly plants you see unkempt in some flower-neutral person’s yard, I still cannot bring myself to like them. They have a yummy nectar inside though… But I still don’t like the flower.

No need to explain this one…

This is a Mango tree with Mango flowers and… PASSION FRUIT in the distance. This Passion Fruit vine decided to inhabit our Mango tree and now there are more Passion Fruits than Mango on this tree…
And here is a green Mango. Fear not! I will post pictures of this when it is ripe. That is, provided a bird does not get to it first.

The Mango tree was once called the Chloe tree as well since our cat would often be heard falling out of it while hunting for birds thereupon.

This is a Torenia in a pot next to the garden. There is almost more flower than plant on this plant.

A Cherry Pepper. A Pepper, that looks like a Cherry.

The BESTEST herb in the world! Bandanya or Chadon Beni or Shadow Benny as it is called is a very pungent and poweful herb used as seasoning. It’s delicious and is used for everything in Trinidad dishes. This is a little one that is really struggling to grow because in some plants, the leaf grows to over a foot in lenght. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen one grow this big in our garden because for some reason, pieces of our seasonings often go missing…
Another herb used in cooking , Pudina which is called POdina in Trinidad. 😛 The leaf is kinda furry and Bunnies love it I have recently discovered, much to the dismay of my Mother.

And lastly…

Behold! Chinese Pommecythere! I think it’s actually grafted. That word is pronounced pum-see-tay… Don’t ask me how because I do not know. (Notice, Ixoras are in the distance) Regular Pommecythere (which is also known as golden apple) is about the size of your fist and is very sour until it gets ripe. This particular type (called Chinese for reasons also unknown to me) is a very small tree that may be around 6 feet tall- Ours is about this height and it bears multitudinous fruit in these little bunches. The fruit takes exceeding long to become ripe, however even when it is still green, it’s sweet! Isn’t that great! It’s a great fruit for chow-making! Just add salt, pepper, seasoning (bandanya for example) and maybe garlic if you like to smell from a distance.

Trinidadians are very creative… Are they?

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I know, you may be wondering WHAT IN THE HECK is that thing? A Christmas Saguaro? I am parked on the shoulder of the highway taking this pic. Their are two of these eyesores on either side of the highway, this one is on the left ramp which goes to my home.
Here is the close up… The skirt in the middle is apparently a Christmas tree. The object in it’s left hand (yes the tree has arms) is a “Deeyah” which is symbolic of the little clay pots that Hindus fill with oil and a wick and light for the Hindu festival “Divali” or “Diwali” or “Deepavali” (All the same thing, just different words)

In the right hand is the Moon and Star symbol for the Muslim festival of “Ramadan” and “Eid-Ul-Fitr”. This is the way the moon and star line up on the night of Eid.

Considering that Trinidad & Tobago is a mixture of all religions, this is an appropriate decoration. Even if it’s funny looking.

Oh, And T&TE? You want to know what that is, do you? Well that is the “Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission”. But where’s the “C”?

Here it is- This is Saguaro #2 on the right side of the highway.

Now THESE I MUST agree are very artistic! I really like them. There is a Company called “TRACMAC” and they have these vehicles in their yard. I must say that this is quite a nice idea…

So, what do you think? Are Trinbagonians talented and creative? Or should we stick to putting lights on trees?

Trinidad Beverages- Installation 1

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I got tired of having “parts” so this series will be “installations”.

Saturday 6 December, 2008- my cousin’s baby’s 1st birthday. The kids had a wonderful party from 17:00hrs (which i did not attend but I assume it was good because there was a lot of screaming (my cousin lives two houses away)) and the adults party began at 19:00hrs.

On account of my personal decision to stop drinking alcoholic beverages, my boyfriend (who doesn’t drink alcohol) and I decided to amuse ourselves with the non-alcoholic beverages supplied. Note, there was not a lot of variety for us to work with. I will have a more extensive list of beverages soon enough. For this installation though, you will need to walk with your own alcohol because I only brought chaser…

Exhibit A- The “Chubby” This little 250ml bottle of “Go Bananas” I must say was quite yummy even though I am not a fan of carbonated beverages (unless it’s a beer). Perhaps the name comes from the fact that kids gobble this up and eventually start to emulate the shape of the bottle.

Exhibit 2- All the flavours. There used to be a lot more but maybe they stopped making such a wide variety or that was all had at the party. I guess it has been a long time since I ventured into the world of soft drinks. Please allow me to enlighten you as to the names of the flavours… 1-“Reggae Red”, 2- “Orange Tango”, 3- “Purple Power”, 4- “Go Bananas”… Does anyone have any clue what they make the red one out of? I assume Purple Power is Grape but I could be wrong.

Now that I think of it, perhaps these drinks were for the children since my cousin saw me with one in my hand and couldn’t stop laughing because it wasn’t a beer.

And finally, Chapter C- Proof that Trinidad has Coke.

Special thanks to Piggie for this segment…

And thank you for wasting a perfectly good 1.5 minutes reading this crap.

Visiting Five Islands off the Coast

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There are a few islands off the coast of Trinidad (North), some of the popular ones include; Gaspar Grande, Chacachacare, Monos, Huevos and Carrera. There are some beautiful secluded beaches on these islands accessible solely by boat. In order to reach there, we took a little (rickety) fishing boat and passed through a rough patch of water which separates the islands called “bocas” which is actually short for “Bocas del Dragón” (Dragon’s mouth) There are three- the first bocas, the second bocas, and the GRAND bocas. These names are what the locals call them but there are actual, proper names which I, as a local, do not know. We only passed through the first 2 fortunately. If we had to go through the grand bocas, the little fishing boat would have probably been boat-wrecked and we would have been Robinson Crusoe’d. On the other hand, there are certain areas that larger boats cannot pass because it’s too shallow and therefore they have to go alllllll the way around all the islands…

The water wasn’t too rough on this day, so luckily, no one was launched into the air and no one’s butt hurt (I don’t think). Actually, I was launched once.

The little that I know of these places, I am very delighted to share with you so that you will know a little too. Gaspar Grande has the popular “Gasparee Caves” which are naturally formed limestone caves with an amazing turqouise coloured pool below. Sorry, I didn’t go here on this trip so I don’t have any pictures yet 😦 But fear not! We shall soon journey into another butt breaking adventure so as to share this beauty with you!

Carrera island used to be the Trini Alcatraz many years ago… It’s not in use now though. They say the island is always surrounded by Sharks but I don’t know if that’s true and I’m not sure the fishing boat can handle the truth.

Monos was named thusly due to the Monkeys that inhabited the island at the time. I did not see Monkeys. But then again, we were in the middle of the sea facing an island that just looked like a large brocolli.

Huevos means eggs in Spanish and I have no clue as to who chose this name or for what reason. I’m not sure anyone knows really.

Chacachacare’s large number of edifices (like 6) were abandoned by 1984 since the island was used as a leper colony and the last leper died in that year. Apparently Donald Trump visited when Trinidad hosted the Miss Universe Pageant in 1999 and decided to use his millions to DESTROY the island by putting a hotel and casino… PLEASE!!! NO!!!

Well, it hasn’t happened yet 🙂 but I’m hoping he forgets and it never does. Trinidadian have this doltish habit of destroying any historical objects. Idiots.

Waiting to go out to sea…(Notice the two fisherman lounging on the pier?) That lighthouse shaped building in the distance is actually a Hotel & Restaurant named “Crews’ Inn. Really nice place. Just ask my sister 😛

Just some random yacht we saw on the way…

Coast Guard Ship…

More Coast Guard Vehicles…

Random Vessels…

This island is called “Soldado Rock” or “Soldier Rock”. Since Trinidad and Venezuela are so close together, there is a lot of piracy, smuggling of drugs, people, etc… So there is a Soldier and a Coast Guard Officer that supposed to be on duty on this island 24/7 to ensure that no T&T nationals trespass into Venezuelan waters and vice versa. However, with their “upholding of the law and carriage of justice” Trinidad still seems to have more than it’s fair share of illegal Venezuelan prostitutes. And well, who knows what lovely Trinidadian “cultures” Venezuela may be experiencing.

This island is a Muffin- And next to it? Well that must be a raisin as it fell from the Muffin.- Renfield
(Additional information courtesy of Kadhine)
House on Gaspar Grande Island… Not abandoned!

Abandoned Doctor’s House #1 (Doctors who worked in the Leper Hospital)

Abandoned House #2

Abandoned Crumbles #3

Another Raisin…

Distance from our boat to the Raisin…

The deserted Huevos island with numerous Cacti is entirely owned by one family. There is only one house and one bay on this island. (Courtesy of Helen)

Another view of Huevos…

Large forest covered animal louging in the water…
(I’m sure my sister wishes these photos could be tagged :P)

Abandoned House #4

And up close…

Abandoned Lighthouse on Chacachacare Island. It’s called the Bocas Lighthouse…

Abandoned Leper Hospital and Nurses’ Quarters. The building with the roof exposed only is the Hospital…

Part Two

(I thought I’d just put it all together)

A boat wreck on Scotland Bay. Scotland Bay is one of the most popular Bays in this area. It’s actually part of the mainland. The boat in the distance “Omar 2” is the one we came on. Omar is a VERY Indian name and the driver of the boat was of African descent and apparently everyone thought it was funny. Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of racism in this country (one of its great attributes) so our captain also thought this was hilarious. He is going to change the name eventually though.

My boyfriend found an old rusty pulley wheel in this wreck and we had a blast playing with it.
Poisonous tree on the beach…
Many years ago, a friend of ours was trimming the branches of one of these trees and he washed his face afterward and went temporarily blind. He was rushed to the hospital and restored.

Water of Scotland Bay…

With shiny little fishies!

Although this is not Monos Island, monkeys can still be seen in certain parts clinging to the rocks.
Usually this is done in a desperate attempt to dig plants out of it for fishing boat passengers.

A pier- You can see the Abandoned Hospital and Nurses’ Quarters from here… (Yes, that’s the same Monkey on the left)

And here is the close up on that (I know you must be getting fed up of seeing these buildings by now… No more, I promise)
And this is a view of the water from the pier…

This little shellfish is called Pacro in Trinidad & Tobago. It is similar to an oyster (well not really but it’s the closest thing I can think of) or perhaps a barnacle, but I don’t know if barnacles are edible. Trinis dig dozens of these out from the rocks and then carry them to the beach-house they are no doubt staying in for the weekend and wash them and boil them with seasoning. Some people dig the soft meat out of the shells so there’s something to chew also. The resulting drink is actually quite yummy and can be used as an aphrodisiac but is mostly used while drinking numerous bottles of White Oak Rum and playing All Fours.

Don’t get excited- this is a 1.75 litre. Not all our rums come in these monster bottles

(Please check back in the near future for my series on local beverages)

Wild Lantana along the road to La Tinta Bay

Noisy Baby Hawk along the same road

Views of Venezuela from the western side of Chacachacare, La Tinta Bay… Venezuela is the foggy land mass in the distance that you can’t make out.

View of Perruquier Bay

I think that’s Soldado Rock in the distance there…

Landslide on Huevos Island. This happened just about 2 weeks ago…

Coast Guard boat coming toward us that just left the base on the left…

Filled with little Cub Cadets! So cute- they were all waving at us!

Just another boring view of Monos…

I hope you have enjoyed my local history lesson that you can’t find in any book (not that I ever read but I think there is a book) and would be interested in visiting these creepy and beautiful islands when you visit me in Trinidad 😀