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The Emporer Valley Zoo- Part 4- Mammals- Fuzzies & Cuddly Wuddlies

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The Trinidad Zoo really doesn’t have a very wide selection. Unfortunately, we don’t have cold-weather animals because it’s perpetually hot here, even when it’s rainy so they wouldn’t survive. The few mammals there are at the Zoo were mostly in hiding due to the rain however, and I mostly saw hindquarters only or nosey only or little ears only so I don’t have a lot of pictures in this segment 😦 But the ones I did see were SO DARN CUTE!!! I just wanted to jump over the obviously too-short rails and run them down and hug them up! But I just wasn’t in the mood to pry little spiky claws out of my skin. So, without further ado, I now present- “My small menagerie of tropical mammals”. Please do enjoy.

This animal is called a Jaguarundi. I’ve never seen one before. Although he is of the cat family, he looks a lot more like a Mongoose. As soon as he saw us, he greeted us by relieving himself and then climbing up to where he is there on the picture, presumably to escape from his own by-product. They have extremely cute faces that look nothing like a cat.

This red monkey had a baby! I was trying to get a good picture showing both of them but it was difficult since she was very far away.

This guy was scratching his back against the cage and we were able to touch his icky, wet, wiry fur. He was very friendly and cute and when I caled him, he actualy turned toward me…
And quickly turned away so I wasn’t able to get a great shot 😦

This little otter is one of my favourite animals. He looked up at us before diving into the water as if to say “Ready?!”
Then he came out at the other end and bit his tail. Isn’t that face just adorable!

Now this Ocelot you can tell is of the Cat family! He is just overly cute! He was very fortunate to be behind locked doors or I’m sure he would be in someone’s house drinking milk out of a saucer right now.
Meet the Armadillo’s Butt. I never saw an Armadillo before and I didn’t see one this time either.

I absolutely ADORE the Capybaras! My sister loves them too- but it’s not hard to love these adorable rodents… That’s right- did you know that these cuddly cuties are the worlds largest rodents? That is one large Guinea Pig!
There are actually five Capys in this photo, can you spot them all? You have to look real closely to see number 5!

Very cute wild hog

This little raccoon was very friendly!

Unfortunately, due to the rain, his highness was not totally visible. But even with such opacity, you can still revere him and be in awe of his colossal beauty.

Deers caught in the act!

White, furry, Albino man

Sorry i don’t have more photos of the Monkeys, they were being very uncaring…


The Emporer Valley Zoo- Part 3- Birdies!!!

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I personally am not a Bird person. Of course, I love all animals but some people are really into birds and they go bird watching etc. I am not one of those people. However, the birds at the Zoo were quite talented and unusually friendly. Perhaps the zoo-keepers put a little something special in their drinking water because they are unlike any birds I’ve ever seen. The Toucan was my favourite… I actually had my nail nibbled by him/her! That made me feel all warm and fuzzy! It’s also so heart-warming when birds appreciate your presence so much that they celebrate it by relieving themselves. I have a new respect for birds after visiting the drunk *ahem* I mean, friendly birds at the Emperor Valley Zoo.

I guess you can tell I love the Toucan 😛 Yes I do!

Pretty Owl

And Hawk (I think)

Spot the Peacock!


Noisy (unfriendly) Macaws

COBO!!! This bird is a vulture, although it is called Corbeau in Trinidad, the word Corbeau is actually French for Raven. The English Language does have a lot of words derived from French however and in Trinidad, French Patois. So the bird is in fact indirectly a Corbeau… Although it realy should be vulture.

The Emporer Valley Zoo- Part 2- Reptiles & Amphibians

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Who likes snakes??? Don’t they taste just splendid? Well these snakes weren’t for eating so I could only take pictures of them. But oh boy, if Harry Potter was there those snakes (and other reptiles) would’ve been scared. Please enjoy my photographs of these delightful, fuzzy, wuzzy, cuddly, lovable critters!

Wow! That’s a LARGE turd in the water, huh?! Oh wait… That’s no turd!

This little guy was tapping his nosey on the glass!

Spot the Lizard!

Can you see the baby Caiman?This big fellah was about 10 feet long!

Since it was raining, I guess these guys were all very happy being soaked and just lulling around in the nice mud… Do you like reptiles?

Whoever thought the Trinidad Zoo would be so fun?!

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I went to the Emperor Valley Zoo here in Trinidad and was pleasantly surprised! I haven’t been to the Zoo in 10 years so I was really excited but still expecting to be disappointed. I thought all I would see would be a few malnourished looking animals staring unhappily into space. Strangely enough though, the animals (well some of them) looked remotely content. Unfortunately, it was raining and they were all hiding in their little makeshift houses but I still got some great shots…

Part 1- The Fishies!

These Fishes aren’t camera-shy at all! They all pose for the shots! And they stare straight at you!

Front View…Side view…

Can you spot the living creature in this shot?

These little guys were running for dear life! Well, swimming for dear life…

These two actually came closer when they saw the camera…
And this one smiled!
Aww…. Look at the little ethereal beauty!
Staring contest… (The fish won)

This one looks like the type of fish Trinis catch and cook on the spot 😛 Actually, he was very shiny so maybe a Trini would take a photo of him before chopping him up and putting him in the pot with the boiling oil.

Stay tuned for part 2- Reptiles!